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AARP Foundation Grant for Identifying Outcome/Evidence-Based Isolation Interventions

ARP Foundation is seeking innovative and evidence- or outcomes-based solutions at the community or societal level that optimize meaningful connections and interventions to reduce negative health outcomes highly correlated or associated with social isolation in low-income or vulnerable individuals 50 and older. AARP Foundation utilizes three common categories of evidence:

  • Preliminary: Systematically collected data that tracks who is served, and the outputs and outcomes that are achieved. The organization has a consistent method of collecting metrics related to the intervention. The metrics provide basic level of evidence that the goals of the program are being achieved.
  • Moderate: Evaluations that support causal conclusions but cannot be generalized beyond the study group.
  • Strong: Evaluations that support causal conclusions within a large range of participants or multiple evaluations supporting the same conclusion.

Eligibility Information

  • Only 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible to apply. 
  • Multiple organizations may apply as a group, but only one can be the fiduciary agent.
  • AARP Foundation has a particular interest in projects/initiatives serving Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Philadelphia, though organizations in any community are eligible, including rural communities.
  • Existing project(s) of the applying organization must have some level of documented evidence of providing the intended social benefit and achieving its target outcome.
  • While a match requirement is not required, organizations that do provide a match will receive priority.

Letters of Inquiry are due online by Mon., Nov. 2.  Proposals are due by Mon., Nov. 19.

Retirement Research Foundation Accepting Applications for Projects in Aging

The Retirement Research Foundation's (RRF's) next proposal application deadline is  Mon., Feb. 1, 2016. RRF is devoted to improving quality of life for older Americans. Through its responsive grants program, RRF supports:

  • Direct service,
  • Advocacy,
  • Education and training programs for professionals working with elders, and
  • Research to seek causes and solutions to significant problems of older adults.

Proposals for projects that have a local focus are considered from organizations based in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, or Florida. Advocacy, training, and research projects of national relevance are considered from organizations across the U.S.

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