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Geriatrics Research Methods Articles by Topic

The AGS Research Committee has compiled information on aging research methods and resources for researchers that are conducting research related to older adults. The information spans a wide range of topics from recruitment and retention of older adults, to methodological issues, useful statistical information, and much more.

Recruitment and Retention of Older Adults in Research

  1. Recruitment and retention of older adults in aging research
  2. Recruitment of African Americans and Asian Americans With Late-Life Depression and Mild Cognitive Impairment
  3. An innovative approach to recruiting homebound older adults
  4. Recruitment of older adults: an ongoing challenge
  5. Enrolling older adults with cognitive impairment in research: lessons from a study of Tai Chi for osteoarthritis knee pain.
  6. Difficulties in recruiting older people in clinical trials: an examination of barriers and solutions
  7. Population reach and recruitment bias in a maintenance RCT in physically active older adults.
  8. Sample bias in caregiving research
  9. Issues and recommendations for the recruitment and retention of older ethnic minority adults into clinical research
  10. A road map for the recruitment and retention of older adult participants for longitudinal studies

 Methodologic Issues

  1. Methodologic issues in conducting research on hospitalized older people.
  2. A comparison of two methods for identifying frail Medicare-aged persons.  

Statistical Issues for Researchers Focused on Aging

  1. Investigating moderator hypotheses in aging research: statistical, methodological, and conceptual difficulties with comparing separate regressions.
  2. Competing risk of death: an important consideration in studies of older adults.   
  3. Evaluating health outcomes in the presence of competing risks: a review of statistical methods and clinical applications.
  4. Missing Data: A Special Challenge in Aging Research.   

Research Instruments and Quality Indicators

  1. Society of General Internal Medicine Research Dataset Compendium.  Lists, links, and descriptions of existing datasets designed to assist investigators, with a particular emphasis on health services research, clinical epidemiology, and research on medical education.  Provides information about their strengths and weaknesses, key references, and access information.
  2. Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research.  Data archive of more than 500,000 publicly available research files in the social sciences, including aging studies such as EPESE.
  3. NIH Toolbox is a multidimensional set of brief measures assessing cognitive, emotional, motor and sensory function from ages 3 to 85, meeting the need for a standard set of measures that can be used as a “common currency” across diverse study designs and settings.

U13 Conference Proceedings: Aging Research Topics

  1. AGS/NIA Bedside-to-Bench Conference: Research Agenda on Delirium in Older Adults
  2. Cancer and Aging Research Group Conference
  3. Bedside-to-Bench Conference: Research Agenda for Idiopathic Fatigue and Aging.

Other Useful Links for Researchers Focused on Aging

  1. American Federation for Aging Research 
  2. National Institute on Aging Research Information
  3. National Pepper Center Website (Claude D Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAIC) Program)
  4. Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers national home page
  5. Hartford Foundation Bandwidth Online Communication Resource contains useful hints and tools to assist with messaging your research
  6. Research Centers for Minority Aging Research
  7. VA Geriatrics and Extended Care Data Analysis Center (GECDAC)
  8. Guidelines for reporting research results:

AGS Researcher Liaisons
AGS Research Committee Members who are willing to be contacted to facilitate connections with other aging researchers in their field

Researcher Email Research topic area
Rebecca Silliman Cancer care in
older adults
Laura Hanson Palliative care and
long-term care
Dan Berlowitz Quality of Care
Joe Hanlon Pharmacoepidemiology
Kevin High Immune senescence
George Kuchel Geriatric syndromes
George Taffet Cardiovascular aging
Cathleen Colón-Emeric Osteoporosis, fall and
fracture prevention
Louise Walter Cancer screening in
older adults
Cynthia Boyd Multi-morbidity
Heather Whitson Multi-morbidity

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