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Welcome to the Trainee section of the AGS web site.

The AGS offers many opportunities for trainees and junior faculty to become active with the AGS, and to network with geriatrics health care professionals.  Some of the most-accessed resources are also listed below:

AGS Mentoring programs
AGS mentors offer invaluable advice concerning educational and career choices. Mentoring relationships can be particularly important for healthcare trainees, who are presented with a wide array of options that help determine the focus of their careers.

AGS Student & Resident Chapters
The purpose of the student & resident chapter network is to spark trainee interest in the field of geriatrics, to enhance the visibility of geriatric medicine at the student & resident level, and to provide educational programs on geriatric medicine.

Boston University Summer Institute for Medical Students
Medical students who are entering their 3rd or 4th year of medical school in July are encouraged to apply for the Boston University Summer Institute in Geriatrics Medicine.  This is a weeklong conference that offers an opportunity to gain exposure to academic geriatrics and research in geriatric medicine. 

How to Choose and Evaluate a New Job Opportunity
The purpose of this resource is to help newly graduated trainees evaluate new job opportunities in a sequential manner that will most likely lead to success without surprises.

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