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Partnership for Health in Aging

A Coalition of Organizations Representing Healthcare Professions Caring for Older Adults


To prepare America’s formal and informal caregiving workforce to provide quality care for America’s aging population, and to ensure the financial feasibility of providing that care.

Common Goals

  • Ensure that all healthcare providers are competent in the care of older adults.
  • Create a cadre of faculty, across disciplines and levels of providers, qualified to train a healthcare workforce competent in geriatric care.
  • Develop strategies to recruit and retain healthcare providers, across disciplines, who are qualified to care for older adults.
  • Advocate for increased compensation and benefits for direct care workers.
  • Prepare formal caregivers to teach patients, their families, and other informal caregivers the information and skills needed to participate in self-care or care of other older adults.
  • Collaborate with other coalitions and organizations to educate the public about the impact of an aging society on healthcare quality and the need for public advocacy to support a healthcare workforce and systems that meet the needs of all older Americans.   


In June of 2008, 21 organizations representing healthcare providers who care for older adults met to review the Institute of Medicine report, Retooling for An Aging America: Building the Healthcare Workforce.  The organizations discussed ways in which they could work together to advance the IOM report recommendations and to improve the capacity of America’s healthcare workforce to provide quality geriatric care. 

This meeting led to the development of a loose coalition—the Partnership for Health in Aging (PHA)—that identified as its first step the development of a set of core competencies in the care of older adults that are relevant to and can be endorsed by all health professional disciplines.

The PHA focused next on the development of a Position Statement on Interdisciplinary Team Training in Geriatrics as an essential component of quality healthcare for older adults. 

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