American Geriatrics Society Annual Report

From the Desk of Nancy E. Lundebjerg, MPA, AGS CEO

One of the privileges of my position is getting to work with so many members who are passionate about caring for older adults, and eager to make that passion as impactful as possible.

That’s really what sets our members apart: You are ardent champions for the care we all need as we age—#ThisIsGeriatrics and we’re #AGSProud to have played a role in their efforts.
Whether it’s advocating for a better health system or developing cutting-edge models of care, we have a track record of working together to ensure our priorities are heard in clinics and communities across the country, and on Capitol Hill.

Although 2020 has been challenging to-date, our progress in 2019 is a testament to what we can do when we work together. We look forward to accomplishing even more as we work a future when every older person receives high-quality, affordable, person-centered care—care informed by geriatrics principles and free of ageism.


Nancy E. Lundebjerg, MPA
Chief Executive Officer, American Geriatrics Society (AGS)

Our Mission:      
To improve the health, independence, and quality of life of all older people.

Our Vision:

We are all able to contribute to our communities and maintain our health, safety, and independence as we age.

We all have access to high-quality, person-centered care informed by geriatrics principles and free of ageism.

We all are supported by and able to contribute to communities where ageism, ableism, classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of bias and discrimination no longer impact healthcare access, quality, and outcomes for older adults and their caregivers.

Who We Are

Founded in 1942, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) is a nationwide, not-for-profit society of geriatrics healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the health, independence, and quality of life of older people. Our 6,200+ members are champions at building interprofessional teams, eliciting personal care goals, and treating older people as whole persons.

The Society provides leadership to healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public by implementing and advocating for programs in clinical care, research, professional and public education, and public policy to support us all as we age.

In 1999, the AGS established the Health in Aging Foundation to translate the expertise of our members into practical, reliable health information for older adults and caregivers. The AGS also leads and lends its voice to a diverse array of organizations championing workforce empowerment and the needs of older people—from the Geriatrics-for-Specialists Initiative and the Association of Directors of Geriatrics Academic Programs (ADGAP) to the Eldercare Workforce Alliance—all working to improve access to geriatrics expertise for us all.

Who We Are: AGS & Geriatrics by the Numbers

  • The AGS represents 6,200+ interprofessional members—physicians, nurses, social workers, physician assistants, pharmacists, health professions trainees, and many other stakeholders committed to older-adult care.
  • We offer 80+ publications, products, and clinical resources to 51,000+ subscribers at, the online home for AGS tools.
  • Annually, nearly 1 million older adults and caregivers access resources and information from, the public education platform for our Health in Aging Foundation.
  • A record-breaking 2,950+ professionals from 30+ countries attended the 2019 AGS Annual Scientific Meeting (#AGS19), the year’s premier educational event for geriatrics expertise.
  • Each year, the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society publishes 2,660+ pages of articles, editorials, and personal reflections accelerating the science that informs our care.
  • In 2019, we wrote or collaborated on 40 letters to Congress or regulatory agencies addressing the challenges and opportunities facing older adults and geriatrics healthcare professionals across the U.S.
  • Our members have initiated 4,100+ virtual conversations about clinical practice, public policy, and public and professional education on MyAGSOnline, our exclusive digital forum for helping geriatrics experts stay connected anytime, anywhere.

What You Should Know About Geriatrics

Our bodies change over time, and our health care needs to adapt with us. Geriatrics is the specialty focused on the high-quality, person-centered care we all need as we age. “High-quality care” aims to improve health, independence, and quality of life. “Person-centered care” puts our personal values and preferences at the heart of our care decisions.

Access to a geriatrics-trained workforce will be key to ensuring we can make good on these ideals and contribute to our communities for as long as possible. Research shows that 30% of people 65-years-old and older need care from a geriatrician, and that each geriatrician can care for up to 700 patients—making geriatrics one of the most promising growth and leadership specialties as the U.S. continues to age. Learn more about the geriatrics workforce represented by the AGS.