Medicine-Geriatrics Integrated Residency and Fellowship (Combined Med-Geri Pathway)

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    Professional Development Opportunities
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AGS/ADGAP is accepting program applications for the AIRE Medicine-Geriatrics Integrated Residency and Fellowship (Combined Med-Geri Pathway).

Applications are due January 24, 2022.
This application cycle is for trainees starting in July 2023. The Combined Med-Geri Pathway provides an alternative pathway for training geriatricians by integrating the clinical experiences required in a geriatrics fellowship across the internal medicine or family medicine residency and meeting geriatric competencies in an innovative four-year (48 month) program. If your program intends to apply, please email Marianna Drootin at to request an application form.
The Combined Med-Geri Pathway is overseen by a Med-Geri Leadership Team, chaired by Drs. Angela Beckert and Ed Duthie from the Medical College of Wisconsin. The leadership team is available to answer questions and help with the application process. If you have any questions or would like to be connected to a member of the leadership team, please contact Marianna Drootin at