AGS CoCare: Ortho™

The AGS CoCare: OrthoTM comprehensive website ( provides you with the tools, resources, education, and support you need to adopt the evidence-based Geriatrics-Orthopedics Co-Management model throughout your health system.

Supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation, the AGS is pleased to announce the launch of AGS CoCare: OrthoTM.  AGS CoCare: OrthoTM is a Geriatrics-Orthopedics Co-Management model in which geriatrics professionals, or specially trained geriatrics co-managers (e.g., hospitalists) work with orthopedic surgeons to coordinate and improve the perioperative care of older adults with hip fractures. Because a geriatrics co-manager is involved in the older person's care immediately upon or soon after hospital admission, risk factors for harmful events such as delirium, falls, adverse drug events, or infections are identified and proactively addressed to prevent and optimally manage risks throughout the older adult's hospital stay. The AGS CoCare: OrthoTM model of Geriatrics-Orthopedics Co-Management has been shown to reduce complications and enhance function after the older adult returns home, two goals at the heart of quality geriatrics care through its cost-effective approach. The benefits of adopting core elements of the AGS CoCare: OrthoTM model specifically include:

  • Shorter time to surgery
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Reduced 30-day re-hospitalization
  • Reduced complications and enhanced function after the person returns home
  • Reduced number of patients requiring ICU admissions
  • Fewer post-operative infections, including UTIs and pneumonia
  • Near elimination of restraint use and episodes of delirium
  • Reduced in-patient mortality
  • Increased proportion of patients discharged home
  • Institutional cost savings

What Do We Offer?

Our expert team of geriatricians has almost two decades of experience with implementing geriatrics hip fracture co-management programs. Now, with support from the John A. Hartford Foundation and investments from the American Geriatrics Society, we are bringing these experts together to synthesize curriculum, tools, and expert advisors into a single program. AGS CoCare: OrthoTM provides institutions with a variety of resources to help support the implementation of its co-management model, by providing access to our resources, products, training and technical assistance through:

  • Online Educational Curriculum with continuing medical education (CME) credits
  • Comprehensive Implementation Toolkit with products & materials to guide the adoption of the program
  • Co-Manager Certification providing recognition for those who participate in the program
  • Ongoing Updates and Coaching through scheduled webinars
  • Online Virtual Community providing access to experts & networking among programs implementing AGS CoCare: OrthoTM

With Whom Are We Working?

Institutions and systems that seek to improve care of older people with hip fracture.  Our offerings include 1-2 initial telephone consultations where our experts will walk you through the resources you should have in place to optimize your implementation of this innovative care model.

For more information visit or contact Deena Sandos at or (212) 308-1414.

Click here to view slides presented at the AGS 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting session on "AGS CoCare: Ortho - Launching the Comprehensive Geriatric Fracture Co-Management Curriculum and Toolkit."

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