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Membership Categories & Dues

Please note that AGS Membership runs on an anniversary year.  Membership will be valid for one year from  join/renew date, allowing members the opportunity to enjoy a full year’s worth of benefits.

Full Members

Nurse/Nurse Practitioner– Licensed nurse with special training or interest in geriatrics
$322 (1 year) $645 (2 year)

Pharmacist– Licensed pharmacist with special training or interest in geriatrics
$322 (1 year) $645 (2 year)

Physician– Licensed physician with special training or interest in geriatrics
$415 (1 year) $830 (2 year)

Physician Assistant– Licensed physician assistant with special training or interest in geriatrics
$322 (1 year) $645 (2 year)

Recognized*– Health care professionals who have returned to school to further their education in geriatrics or gerontology while continuing to work
$234 (1 year)  

Social Worker– Licensed social worker with special training or interest in geriatrics
$322 (1 year) $645 (2 year)

Physical/Occupational Therapist– Licensed physical or occupational therapist with special training or interest in geriatrics
$322 (1 year) $645 (2 year)

Other Health Care Professional– Non-physician health care professional on a geriatrics interdisciplinary team

$322 (1 year)

$645 (2 year)

International Membership– Physicians residing in countries classified as middle or low income by the World Bank are eligible for membership discounts. Discounted International Members receive online access only to Society journals and other publications and resources that are available electronically.
      Middle Income Country Dues Rate: $270 (Low Middle, Middle and Upper Middle Income)
      Low Income Country Dues Rate: $130 (Low Income)
Other Health Care Professionals (e.g., Nurses, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Physician Assistants) residing in these countries are also eligible for discounts. Please contact for more information.

Retired or Semi-Retired Members who are at least 60 years old and retired, or working less than 20 hours each week in active practice may submit a dues reduction request in writing.

Trainee Members

Fellow-In-Training* – Currently enrolled in a full-time fellowship program

Resident*, Post-Grad/Pre-Doc Trainee– Current resident participating in a residency program
$102 (includes print subscription to AGS Journals)

Student*– Full-time health professional, medical or nursing student in geriatrics/gerontology
$78 (includes print subscription to AGS Journals)

* Trainee Memberships require appropriate verification data as requested.  Proof of eligibility on signed department letterhead may also be requested by the AGS Membership Department.  

Free E-Membership 
Free e-membership offers residents and students with a way to stay connected via member communications and special announcements pertaining to trainees interested in geriatrics. E-membership does not include member journals or the free copy of Geriatrics At Your Fingertips. Membership is valid through the length of your program and will expire at the end of your graduation/residency end month. After that time you will be required to reapply for membership.  

To apply for free e-membership, please complete the appropriate application below and return it, along with the required documentation, via email to  

Resident E-Membership Application  |  Student E-Membership Application

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