R13 Conference Series

Bench-to-Bedside Series

The AGS will continue to host a series of prestigious scientific conferences on emerging issues in aging research thanks to sustained funding from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) as part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Conference Grant (or "R13") Program. The mission of these conferences remains to heighten research attention on geriatrics issues that are of pressing clinical concern and have the potential to greatly improve clinical care or prevention for older adults. Our long-range goal is to translate research results into clinical care that will improve health outcomes in older adults. 

More than $173,000 in funding over five years will enable the AGS to continue coordinating R13 “Bench-to-Bedside” conferences on new topics pertinent to older adults. The latest R13 conference series will focus on resilience - or how aging affects older adults' health to varying degrees. The conference series will examine resilience through the lens of what is needed at the bedside, and address basic, clinical, and population health research to form a roadmap for resilience research. Since 2004 the AGS has worked with the NIA through the NIH U13 Program to explore and clarify insights on the cutting-edge of geriatrics, having addressed urinary incontinence (2016), sleep and circadian rhythms (2015) and delirium (2014) in recent years.

Current Conferences

R13 Bench-to-Bedside Conference Series (2021)

U13 Bench-to-Bedside Conference Series: Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease (2021)

Past Conferences