Copyright & Permissions

Copyright & Permissions

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this website, including, without limitation, any and all text, documents, images, graphics, video and sound, is protected copyrighted material and may not be may be reproduced, displayed or distributed, in whole or in part,  without prior written permission from the AGS/HiAF.   To obtain such written permission, please email a completed Permission Request Form to Aimee Cegelka at

Permission will be considered on a case-by case basis, and only under the following circumstances:

  • The use of website content is for educational and non-commercial purposes only;
  • None of the website content used is modified in any way;
  • Any graphic images used are not separated from, and are used only in conjunction with, the accompanying text or document; and
  • The website content will not be used in any electronic format.

Any such authorized use of website materials must include an appropriate acknowledgment and citation to the appropriate AGS/HiAF website or product.

For permission to use content from the following AGS/HiAF publications, please contact the person specified.

Geriatrics Review Syllabus or Geriatrics at Your Fingertips®
Email a completed Permission Request Form to Aimee Cegelka

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
For permissions requests, please see guidance

AGS Mailing List

The AGS has contracted with MGILists, the Association List Company, to handle all facets of our member list rental program. Please refer all list inquiries, count requests, and list orders to: 

Candy Brecht
Senior List Operations Manager, MGI List Division
Marketing General Incorporated

Click here for the AGS mailing list policy.

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