AGS Code of Conduct

Be Respectful. Be Supportive. Be Kind. 

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) is committed to supporting our diverse members to learn and grow as geriatrics health professionals. The AGS unequivocally condemns, and will not tolerate, any form of discrimination or harassment.

When participating in our online communities or attending in-person or virtual AGS conferences, workshops, symposia, and similar events, we ask that you listen carefully, seek to understand the opinions of others, and not be afraid to ask clarifying questions. Please make space for everyone’s voices and treat each other with respect. 

We are a stronger community when we are respectful, supportive, and kind. 

Please view the following guidelines:

AGS Event Participation Guideline

AGS Online Communities Participation Guideline

Participants in AGS online communities, virtual and in-person AGS Events (e.g., the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting, webinars, other conferences, and workshops) are governed by this code of conduct. 

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