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Membership Categories and Dues

Are you a current or past member of the AGS? If so, click here to renew or update your information.AGS membership runs on anniversary year. Membership is valid for one year from your join/renew date, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy a full year’s worth of benefits. View benefits and join today.


Licensed physician with special training or interest in geriatrics.           

$423 (1 year)– Join Now 

$846 (2 years)– Join Now

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Nurse or Nurse Practitioner

Licensed nurse with special training or interest in geriatrics. 

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Social Worker

Licensed social worker with special training or interest in geriatrics. 

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Physician Assistant

Licensed physician assistant with special training or interest in geriatrics.      

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Licensed pharmacist with special training or interest in geriatrics.       

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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International Membership

Licensed physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, physician assistants, or other healthcare professionals residing in countries classified as middle or low-income by The World Bank are eligible for this discounted membership category.

$275 (Physician, Middle Income Country) – Join Now

$133 (Physician, Low Income Country) – Join Now

Non-Physician Healthcare Professionals residing in these countries are also eligible for discounts. Please contact for more information.

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Early Career Professional

Physician or other healthcare professional on a geriatrics interdisciplinary team who is in their first year of practice after fellowship or residency.                 

$171 (1 year) – Join Now

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Other Healthcare Professional

Non-physician healthcare professional on a geriatrics interdisciplinary team.                 

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Health care professionals who have returned to school to further their education in geriatrics or gerontology while continuing to work.          

$234 – Join Now

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Currently enrolled in a full-time fellowship program.    

$120 – Join Now   

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Current resident participating in a residency program.                 

$102 – Join Now

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Full-time health professional, medical, or nursing student in geriatrics/gerontology.  

$78 – Join Now

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Student and Resident E-Membership

E-membership allows students and residents a way to stay connected via member communications and special announcements for trainees interested in geriatrics. E-membership does not include member journals or a free copy of Geriatrics at Your Fingertips.     

FREE – Join Now Student E-Membership

FREE – Join Now Resident E-Membership

E-Memberships remain valid through the length of your program and will expire at the end of your graduation/residency end month.

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Retired Membership

Retired or semi-retired who are at least 65 years old and/or working less than 25 hours each week in active practice may submit a dues reduction request to 

Special Group Membership Program

AGS Corporate Membership Discount Program


Would you rather join using a printable PDF? Please click here to download and submit a membership application form to You can also call to join at 212-308-1414.

Allied Specialist Subscription

Subscription for surgical, related medical specialists and GEMSSTAR recipients. 

$225- Subscribe Now

Allied Specialist Subscription Benefits

Please Note: The Allied Specialist Subscription is a subscription, not a membership and therefore does not have voting rights.


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