Core Competencies

Existing Formal Geriatrics Competencies and Milestones

The following healthcare disciplines have formalized geriatrics competencies approved by at least one national organization. Certification in these competencies varies by discipline. Some have formal certification pathways and some do not.

Physician Competencies

The Association of Directors of Geriatrics Academic Programs (ADGAP)—a component organization of the AGS—provides extensive information on education, training, and competencies for medical students and internal/family medicine residents. Click below for more information.

Medical Students (MDs and DOs)

Internal Medicine & Family Medicine Residents


Looking for information on geriatrics fellowships or geriatrics expertise across other specialties? Click below to learn more about our efforts across medicine. 

Geriatric Medicine Fellows

Emergency Medicine


Competencies for Interprofessional Healthcare Providers



Occupational Therapists

Personal Care Workers


Physical Therapists


Social Workers

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