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Questions for Our Candidates and Elected Officials

Asking questions of our candidates and elected officials can help us understand where they stand on issues. Use the AGS "Supporting All Americans as We Age" Question guide to help get the answers you need.

American Geriatrics Society

Visit the AGS Advocacy Center to find your elected officials and browse active advocacy campaigns. Be sure to subscribe to action alerts so you never miss an opportunity to get involved!

The AGS mission is to improve the health, independence, and quality of life of all older people. We believe that doing so will ensure that we all can continue to make meaningful contributions to our communities as we age.

We believe in a vision for the future when:

  • We are all able to contribute to our communities and maintain our health, safety, and independence as we age.
  • We all have access to high-quality, person-centered care informed by geriatrics principles and free of ageism.
  • We all are supported by and able to contribute to communities where ageism, ableism, classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of bias and discrimination no longer impact healthcare access, quality, and outcomes for older adults and their caregivers.

To achieve our vision, the AGS is working hard as a leader and with our partners to shape programs and policies that are important to older people, their families, and healthcare professionals.

Learn more about where we stand on some of the field’s most important issues:

The AGS is uniquely positioned because we represent a committed group of healthcare professionals who are actually doing the care. It’s imperative that the AGS seize the opportunity to advance its mission—ensuring quality care for all older adults.–Cheryl P., M

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