Refer a Colleague Rewards

Save money on your next membership renewal with Refer a Colleague Rewards
and participate in the Refer a Colleague Competition to be entered to win a
COMPLIMENTARY #AGS18 meeting registration for Orlando Florida!

Refer a Colleague Competition
Complimentary #AGS18 Meeting Registration for Orlando, Florida

In addition to AGS' Refer a Colleague Rewards Program that saves you money on your membership renewal, we will be awarding a complimentary #AGS18 meeting registration to the AGS member who recruits* the most new members by March 31, 2018. 

To participate, encourage your friends and colleagues to become AGS members and ask them to list you as their referral on their application. It's a win-win; if you recruit the most members by March 31, 2018 you'll win a complimentary meeting registration, and either way you'll earn savings on your next membership renewal. Please see the sample email template at the bottom of this page.

*Recruited members must be NEW members or prior members who have lapsed for five years or more. Non-dues-paying e-members do not qualify as "recruited members", nor do State Affiliate members for State Affiliate leaders or trainees for their respective program director/coordinator. Recruited members must complete the referral line of their application with the full name of the person who has recruited them and submit their membership application along with full payment by March 31, 2018. In the event of a tie, the AGS will select one winner through a random drawing. The winner will be notified in April 2018. If the winner has already purchased an annual meeting registration, they will be refunded. The Refer a Colleague Competition's free registration prize includes all annual meeting sessions from May 3-May 5, 2018. The pre-conference sessions on May 2, 2018 are an additional cost and can be registered for separately through the meeting registration portal.

Refer a Colleague Rewards Program

  • Receive $50 off your next membership renewal for every new Physician, Health Care Provider or Early Career Professional member you recruit. 
  • Receive $25 off your next membership renewal for every new dues-paying Trainee Member (Fellow In Training, Resident or Student) you recruit. 

To receive rewards, your colleague must:

  • Be a NEW member or prior member who has lapsed five years or more (non-dues-paying e-members do not qualify, nor do State Affiliate members for their respective State Affiliate leaders or program trainees for their respective Program Directors and Coordinators).
  • Complete the referral line of the membership application with the full name of the person who has “recruited” them.
  • Submit a membership application, along with full payment.

Please see the sample email template below. If you have any questions please contact membership at or 212.308.1414. We will contact you if your referral becomes a member.

Sample email template:

Dear (Insert Your Colleague's Name),

I'm a proud member of the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and encourage you to join! I value my AGS membership because (insert how AGS has benefitted you personally). Together, we are devoted to the mission of improving the health, independence and quality of life of all older people. I hope you'll consider becoming a member. Here are resources for more information:

If you decide to join, please list me as your referral on your membership application. If you have any questions or want to discuss further please let me know or contact the AGS membership team at or 212.308.1414.


(Insert Your Name)

Remember to follow up with your colleague to see if they have any other questions. We’ll contact you if they decide to become a member.

For additional recruitment materials or more information please contact the AGS Membership Department at or 800-247-4779.


Our Membership Team is here for you. Ask us a question, share your suggestions and provide feedback.
Contact us:  or 212.308.1414.