American Geriatrics Society Reaffirms Ongoing Commitment to Just Healthcare System: AGS Opposes Policies that Aim to Eliminate Diversity in Medical Education

  • @amergeriatrics reaffirms ongoing commitment to just healthcare system by opposing policies that aim to eliminate diversity in medical education in statement released today.

New York (April 11, 2024) — The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) remains committed to achieving a just healthcare system where the care a person receives is responsive to their individual needs and offered with cultural humility. 

AGS is increasingly concerned about the rise of federal and state laws attempting to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies in health care and medical education which violates our freedom to have open conversations about these issues. We believe it is critically important that we incorporate the principles of health equity, geriatrics, and cultural humility into training of health professionals and that our current faculty receive the training they need to adequately support the next generation. Given the increasing diversity among older people and rapid growth of the older population, the healthcare workforce must both reflect and be better prepared to care for the populations that it serves. Our members know firsthand the negative impact that a lifetime of discrimination has on the health, well-being, and quality of life of older people.

AGS’ vision is a world where we are all free to be ourselves, able to contribute to our communities, and maintain our health, safety, and independence as we age. That world is one where every older person  has access to high-quality, person-centered care that is free of all discrimination and bias and informed by geriatrics principles. 

AGS will continue to oppose discriminatory policies—especially when they are perpetuated across the healthspan and lifespan—that can have a negative impact on public health for us all. We call on local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates for office to oppose discriminatory policies that aim to eliminate attention to diversity across health professional education and training and to enact laws that prepare a diverse workforce that has the skills and knowledge to support all of us as we age.  


About the American Geriatrics Society
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