Draft AGS Updated 2018 Beers Criteria® for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults Now Posted for Public Comment

New York (Aug. 13, 2018)—The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) today opened a public comment period for reviewing the draft AGS 2018 Updated Beers Criteria® for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults. Last updated in 2015, the AGS Beers Criteria® remain one of the most frequently cited reference tools in geriatrics, detailing certain types of medications which may be inappropriate to prescribe to older people who are not receiving hospice or palliative care. Comments from any and all members of the public—accepted only at https://www.americangeriatrics.org/form/ags-beers-criteria-public-comment through 5pm ET on Sept. 4, 2018—will help inform the final version of the AGS 2018 Updated Beers Criteria®, slated for release this fall. 

For their proposed 2018 update, the interprofessional panel of geriatrics experts responsible for the AGS Beers Criteria® identified more than 40 potentially problematic medications or classes of medications presently organized across five lists:

  • Two draft lists detail potentially inappropriate medications for most older adults or for those with specific health conditions; 
  • One draft list describes certain medications that should be used only with considerable caution; 
  • One draft list details specific medication combinations that may lead to harmful “drug-drug” interactions; and
  • A final draft list describes certain medications that should be avoided or dosed differently for older people with poor kidney function.

The AGS issued its first revision to the Beers Criteria in 2012, one year after assuming responsibility for maintaining the resource. Since then, the AGS Beers Criteria® have played a central role in high-quality, person-centered care for older adults, influencing everything from research and professional education to care quality measures and health policy decisions.

Please note: The draft AGS 2018 Updated Beers Criteria® available for review is subject to change between the close of the public comment period and release of the final AGS 2018 Updated Beers Criteria®, which will be published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and available on GeriatricsCareOnline.org. For additional information, please contact the AGS at 212-308-1414 or info.amger@americangeriatrics.org.

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