Nominations open for Ex Officio Practicing Geriatrics Health Professional Board Seat

AGS is seeking candidates for an AGS-Board designated ex officio seat for a practicing geriatrics health professional. Under the AGS By-laws, the AGS Board has the flexibility to designate up to four ex-officio Board seats based on its assessment of the need for individuals with important perspectives that may not be represented among the elected Board members. Due to several elected Board members rotating off the Board, the Board is eager to ensure that it has the perspective of someone who is primarily in clinical practice.  Under the AGS by-laws, the person appointed to this position would serve one (1) three-year term.1

The ideal nominee for this ex officio seat will share the Society’s commitment to improving the health, independence, and quality of life of all older people. They will bring an open mind to the Board’s discussions and be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the Board particularly as that relates to the changing practice environment and opportunities and threats that they see in the work that they do.

About the AGS Board

The AGS Board provides fiduciary oversight for the Society and works collaboratively with the CEO and staff to advance the society’s priorities.  The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the society, responding to emerging issues, interpreting the organization’s mission to the public, and establishing and maintaining programs relevant to the Society’s strategic vision.    

Ex Officio Member Responsibilities

Ex officio members are expected to participate in AGS Board meetings and calls. The Board meets in person in October/November and via ZOOM (typically in January, April and August).  In addition, there are social gatherings for the AGS Board and other AGS leaders in years where the AGS is holding an in-person Annual Meeting in May.  The AGS is currently piloting an alternating schedule of face-to-face (2025, 2027) and virtual (2024, 2026) meetings. Ex Officio members also have the option of serving as a liaison to one of AGS’ standing committees which typically meet 2x a year).

Other roles that AGS Board members may be asked to fulfill include:  (1) serving as spokesperson for the American Geriatrics Society; (2) serving as an expert liaison to external groups in areas where their interest, expertise and/or experience are a fit with the request from the external group; and (3) serving on ad hoc , committees/work groups of the Board that align with their interests and expertise.

Eligibility and Nomination Packet Requirements

Candidates, at the time of nomination, must be:

  • An AGS member in good standing2 for at least ten years;
  • A geriatrician/geriatrics professional who spends a minimum of 20 hours per week in direct patient care;

Preference will be given to candidates who:

  • Primarily practice in office-based clinical practice; home care, other focused practice areas also eligible (e.g., co-management, consultative, etc.);
  • See patients without assistance from PGY or other post-graduate trainees; providing opportunities for health professional students is fine;
  •  Are geriatricians;
  • Have experience serving on an AGS committee, leading a special interest group,  or participating in a work group or Task Force


  • Individuals are ineligible if they hold a salaried position at an academic institution or in the VA.

The nomination packet must include:

  • A statement of interest explaining why you would like to serve on the AGS Board, your experience as a clinician in practice inclusive of length of time in practice, and what you could contribute;
  • A completed application;
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a current or former AGS Board member or Committee Chairperson; and
  • Your CV.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, October 2 and materials should be submitted to Mary Jordan Samuel at  The Nominating Committee will review candidates and provide recommendations to the AGS Board who will make the final decision on the candidates. 

1Under the By-Laws, appointment to the Geriatrics Health Professional position does NOT impact eligibility to be elected to the Board in the future nor does it decrease the maximum number of years one can serve as an elected member of the Board (ten (10) years under the AGS By-Laws). 

2Under the By-Laws, a member in good standing is considered a member who has paid their annual membership dues.



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