About Older Americans

Geriatrics is the healthcare specialty dedicated to supporting our health, safety, and independence as we age. Because geriatrics is so person-centered, different people may benefit from our expertise at different times. There’s no “rule,” but it’s generally best to start working with a geriatrics professional when:

  • An older person’s condition causes considerable impairment or frailty (this tends to happen after age 75 or when someone starts managing a number of health conditions).
  • An older person’s family, friends, or other caregivers start feeling considerable stress related to care. 
  • Older adults or their caregivers start having trouble following complex treatments or working with many different healthcare professionals for multiple health needs.

No two older adults are the same, but it's also helpful to have a sense of trends that can shape care and well-being, particularly as our older adult population continues to grow.  Find out more about older Americans below.

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