Training for Clinical Educators

Clinician educators are healthcare professionals who also work as educators in graduate health education programs. They have a unique role in the field, as they not only provide care to older adults but also work to train the next generation of professionals who will care for us all as we age. Clinician educators might work in academic and community hospitals, and serve as professors and program coordinators for trainees (the term for those pursuing a career in a health profession).

Training requirements for clinician educators vary depending on their profession (see the other pages in this section for more information), but they often take additional teaching courses and may obtain additional advanced degrees (sometimes in education) after practicing in their chosen field for some time.

Clinician educators balance real-world practice with the ability to lecture in a group setting and serve as a mentor for future care professionals. For more information on the role of clinician educators in geriatrics, check out the Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs (ADGAP).

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