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    Grant Funding
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    NIA IMPACT Collaboratory 

Opportunity Description:

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) Imbedded Pragmatic Alzheimer’s Disease and
Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias (AD/ADRD) Clinical Trials (IMPACT)
Collaboratory (U54AG063546) was established in 2019 to build the nation’s capacity to
conduct pragmatic clinical trials (ePCTs) of non-pharmacological interventions embedded within health care systems to improve the care of people living with AD/ADRD and their care partners.

The NIA IMPACT Collaboratory will fund up to two Demonstration Projects (maximum
duration 18 months) designed as full-scale, Stage IV effectiveness ePCTs (based on the
NIH Stage Model) that test, measure, and evaluate the effect of a care delivery
intervention program in a health care system for people living with AD/ADRD and their
care partners. The goal of the Demonstration Project is to generate evidence on effective
care delivery practices that can be expanded and/or implemented in other systems. The
IMPACT Collaboratory will give preference to applications for Demonstration Projects that address dementia care for populations historically marginalized or underrepresented in clinical trials and those that promote health equity.

The IMPACT Collaboratory will consider applications for Demonstration Projects
designed as large-scale ePCTs to test the effectiveness of non-pharmacological
interventions for people living with AD/ADRD and their care partners embedded in health
care systems. Under this mechanism, interventions must be linked to the needs of a
health care system. The intervention will typically encompass relatively simple system
changes or direct patient outreach, or successfully piloted programs ready for testing at
scale. Demonstration Projects will allow health care systems and investigators to gain
real-world experience integrating the intervention into clinical workflow and the delivery of health care, but in a controlled manner that provides measurable results on the impact of the intervention program being tested. Demonstration Projects must be powered to detect a significant difference in the primary outcome between trial arms.

The IMPACT Collaboratory will only fund Demonstration Project applications that include
a clinical trial as defined by the National Institutes of Health.

An informational webinar will be posted online on or before August 8, 2022 to provide
investigators and their operational or clinical partners with an overview of application
details and guidance that the IMPACT Collaboratory can provide in assistance with
proposal development (e.g., trial design, measurement, data extraction, etc.).
This informational webinar will be available for viewing at

Letters of intent are due no later than September 16, 2022 at 5:00 PM ET.


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