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AGS CoCare® is a suite of programs helping embed geriatrics expertise in broader care for older adults. Our programs provide institutions with a variety of resources to help support the implementation of its specific program model, through access to our tools, resources, training, and technical assistance.

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AGS CoCare®: HELP, formerly known as the Hospital Elder Life Program, is a well-studied, effective, and innovative model of hospital care designed to prevent both delirium and functional decline. The program is intended to integrate the principles of geriatrics into standard nursing and medical care on any hospital unit, and to bring geriatric expertise to bear on patient care decisions. The AGS CoCare®: HELP program has been demonstrated to improve patient outcomes and lower costs - the ideal combination. 

The benefits of adopting AGS CoCare®: HELP include:

  • Reduced onset and prevention of delirium 
  • Prevention of functional decline
  • Improvement in overall quality of hospital care for older patients, including improvement in hospital outcomes and satisfaction with care
  • Provision of cost-effective care, with reduced overall hospital costs on average

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AGS CoCare®: Ortho is a Geriatrics-Orthopedics Co-Management model in which geriatrics professionals, or specially trained geriatrics co-managers (e.g., hospitalists) work with orthopedic surgeons to coordinate and improve the perioperative care of older adults with hip fractures. The AGS CoCare®: Ortho model of Geriatrics-Orthopedics Co-Management has been shown to reduce complications and enhance function after the older adult returns home.

The benefits of adopting core elements of the AGS CoCare®: Ortho model include:

  • Reduced length of stay
  • Reduced 30-day re-hospitalization
  • Shorter time to surgery
  • Reduced in-patient mortality
  • Institutional cost savings

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