Social Media How-Tos

Social media is changing how we connect, collaborate, and communicate—and geriatrics experts who learn to use social tools today will be tomorrow's leaders and influencers shaping better care for us all.  New to social media and looking to find your way?  Interesting in moving from a novice to a pro?  The AGS has you covered with these helpful guides.

Social Media for Beginners

Developed in collaboration with our colleagues at the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS), our beginner's guide will have you Tweeting in no time (with a solid understanding of why it matters!)

Click here for our Social Media for Beginner's Guide

Take Your Social Media Game to the Next Level

You've mastered the basics; now it's time to show off your skills and learn new tips and tricks for making social media use a (fun!) habit.

Click here for our Step-Up Your Social Media Game Guide

Between Two Fellows: A Conversation on #GeriTwitter

Get an in-depth view from members of the AGS Fellow-in-Training Section Steering Committee on how a professional social media presence can elevate your career.

Get the PDF

Geriatrics Emoji

Add some AGS flair to your posts with these  geriatrics-branded emojis for your smartphone keyboard. 

Click here to learn more


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