AGS Staff

AGS Toll Free: (800) 247-4779
AGS Main Phone: (212) 308-1414

Nancy E. Lundebjerg, MPA Chief Executive Officer Phone Extension: 311 E-Mail

Laura Banks Senior Customer Service Coordinator Phone Extension: 306 E-Mail

Aimee Cegelka, MA Senior Manager, Education & Special Projects Phone Extension: 335 E-Mail

LiChia Ong Chansanchai, MPA Associate Director, Development and Public Education Phone Extension: 327 E-Mail

Jennifer Cross Senior Coordinator for Special Projects Phone Extension: 334 E-Mail

Marianna Drootin, MPA Director, ADGAP and Geriatrics-for-Specialists Initiative E-Mail

Alanna Goldstein, MPH Director, Public Affairs and Advocacy Phone Extension: 309 E-Mail

Elvy Ickowicz, MPH Senior Vice President, Operations E-Mail

Ahreum Anna Kim, MSW Manager of Public Affairs and Advocacy E-Mail

Lauren Kopchik Senior Membership Communication Coordinator Phone Extension: 307 E-Mail

Dennise McAlpin Senior Manager, Professional Education and Special Projects Phone Extension: 321 E-Mail

Elisha Medina-Gallagher, MS Manager, Special Projects Phone Extension: 332 E-Mail

Ashley Flaherty, MS Director, Member Services, Relations & Technology Phone Extension: 324 E-Mail

Erin Obrusniak Assistant Director, ADGAP & Special Projects Phone Extension: 302 E-Mail

Hoon Jason Park Manager, Database & Member Services Phone Extension: 331 E-Mail

Merril Paun Senior Accounting and Office Manager Phone Extension: 319 E-Mail

Mary Jordan Samuel Associate Director, Governance & Operations Phone Extension: 313 E-Mail

Deena Sandos, LMSW Manager, Special Projects Phone Extension: 316 E-Mail

Donna Sapanaro Executive Assistant/Receptionist Phone Extension: 300 E-Mail

Linda Saunders, MSW Associate Vice President, Education and Communication E-Mail

Phillip Washburne Director, Finance and Administration Phone Extension: 326 E-Mail