Nominations Open for AGS Board Members

AGS is seeking nominations to fill open seats on the AGS Board of Directors.  The ideal Board candidate   will share the Society’s commitment to improving the health, independence, and quality of life of all older people. They will bring an open mind to the Board’s discussions and be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the Board.  AGS Board members typically will have a record of service to the Society and a strong commitment to the AGS mission and vision for the future.

About the AGS Board

The AGS Board provides fiduciary oversight for the Society and works collaboratively with the CEO and staff to advance the society’s priorities.  The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the society, responding to emerging issues, interpreting the organization’s mission to the public, and establishing and maintaining programs relevant to the Society’s strategic vision.  Click here for a list of current AGS Board members.

Board Member Responsibilities

Collectively, AGS Board members are responsible for fiduciary oversight of the Society. They provide input to staff on a host of issues related to public policy, education, clinical practice and research. They provide strategic input to the staff on the Society’s programs and products with the goal of ensuring our portfolio meets the needs of AGS members.  In 2020, the AGS Board determined that it would be responsible for oversight of the Society’s work on incorporating attention to diversity, equity and, inclusion across its portfolio of AGS programs. 

Individually, AGS Board members typically serve on one of the two standing Board Committees (Investment and Audit) and serve as a liaison to one of the AGS Standing Committees which meet virtually two times a year.  Other roles that AGS Board members may be asked to fulfill include:  (1) serving as spokesperson for the American Geriatrics Society; (2) serving as an expert liaison to external groups in areas where their interest, expertise and/or experience are a fit with the request from the external group; (3) attending trainee and new member events and presentations; and (4) serving on ad hoc, committees/work groups of the Board that align with their interests and expertise. Recent examples of Board member participation in writing groups include papers on the intersection of structural racism and ageism and AGS work focused on aducanumab

AGS Board members are elected for an initial three-year term that starts in May of the year following their election. Board members are eligible to stand unopposed for re-election to the Board upon nomination by the Nominating Committee (this election would occur in the third year of the first term). They are expected to participate in quarterly AGS Board meetings.  The Board meets in person in the 4th quarter and via ZOOM in the first, second, and third quarters. In addition, there are social gatherings for the AGS Board and other AGS leaders in years where the AGS is holding an in-person Annual Meeting (upcoming in-person meetings are 2025 and 2026 as AGS is piloting an alternating virtual and in-person meeting schedule starting in 2024).


All AGS members in good standing1 are eligible to serve on the AGS Board.  Preference is given to AGS members who have a record of service to the Society through membership on committees, editorial boards, or being an active participant in AGS ad hoc work groups and task forces.  For the 2023-2024 nominations cycle, the AGS is seeking nominees from all disciplines to stand for election to the Board.  AGS is also seeking nominees for an ex officio Board member who can bring the perspective of AGS members who are primarily in clinical practice (learn more about this opportunity here).

Nominations Packet

The nomination packet must include:

  • A completed application;
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a current or former AGS Board member; and
  • The candidate’s CV.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, October 2 and materials should be submitted to Mary Jordan Samuel at  The Nominating Committee will review candidates and select a slate to be put forward to the AGS membership for a vote (February 2024).  

1 Under the By-Laws, a member in good standing is considered a member who has paid their annual membership dues.


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