AGS Corporate Membership Discount Program

Save money by purchasing membership for 50 or more of your organization’s employees.


  • 15% off of the regular physician member price ($400 vs. our regular price of $470)
  • 10% off of the regular other healthcare provider price ($290 vs. our regular price of $322)


To be eligible for The Corporate Discount Membership Program, organizations must:

  • Be an established organization
  • Purchase a minimum of 50 (paid) memberships


  • Organizations interested in purchasing membership for its employees at the discounted price must submit a request on the official letterhead of the organization to
  • The organization must also submit a list containing all the names and contact information for each of the individuals that it is purchasing membership for (template will be supplied by the AGS).
    Pay for all members on the list with one check.

Memberships will be processed only after payment from the organization is received. Once AGS receives the final group list and payment, Membership staff will process the individuals and notify each that their membership has been activated. Once the final group list is submitted and the payment is processed, the group is final and changes cannot be made to their memberships.

*Individual members who approach AGS as being part of the organization are not eligible for the group discount unless they are submitted as part of the group membership from the organization.

Please contact Jason Park at for more information on Corporate Membership Discounts.


Our Membership Team is here for you. Ask us a question, share your suggestions and provide feedback.
Contact us:  or 212.308.1414.

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