AGS/AFAR Clin-STAR Mentoring and Grantsmanship Workshop

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS), in partnership with the American Federation for Aging Research Clinician-Scientists Trandisciplinary Aging Research Coordinating Center (AFAR Clin-STAR CC) and the National Institute on Aging (NIA), is pleased to offer the second AGS/AFAR Clin-STAR Mentoring Workshop at the 2023 AGS Annual Scientific Meeting, being held from 10:30 – 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 6 in Long Beach, CA.

Building on our Clinician Specialists’ Rising Stars in Aging Research Program Workshop Series, this in-person workshop will offer a keynote presentation from a successful senior investigator, opportunities for networking, and discuss important aspects of research across various funding organizations.

This session is being offered in conjunction with the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting. You can register for the meeting and workshop by clicking here.

Lunch will be provided! 

The AGS Annual Scientific Meeting offers a range of additional opportunities for surgical and medical specialists including educational and networking sessions. 

  • GSI Scientific Sessions
    Hosted by the GSI Medical and Surgical Specialty section, these educational sessions are designed to exchange information among specialists and geriatricians, disseminate new information, and foster favorable attitudes towards the care of older persons. For more information on the 2023 session, click here. Access prior presentations on GeriatricsCareOnline and a list of prior sessions here.
  • Medical and Surgical Specialty Section (MSSS) Breakfast 
    The MSSS Breakfast is an educational and networking session for all specialists interested in the care of older adults. This breakfast is an opportunity for medical and surgical subspecialists to share updates on activities and career development opportunities within their disciplines, showcasing opportunities for specialists to advance a geriatrics agenda within their specialty societies and their institutions. For details on the 2023 breakfast click here.
  • Junior Faculty Research Career Development Special Interest Group 
    The Junior Faculty Research Career Development Special Interest Group is for junior faculty members and research fellows pursuing a career in aging-related research. This SIG is a great opportunity to network with other early career researchers and become involved with AGS. For details on the 2022 SIG meeting click here.
  • Clin-STAR (Clinician-Scientists Transdisciplinary Aging Research) Paper Session
    The Clin-STAR Paper Session is an opportunity to highlight research from surgical and medical specialists, as well as to provide an opportunity for prior scholars to get to know other interested participants. For details on the 2023 session click here.

Travel Awards for Specialists

  • The GSI continues to celebrate leadership and cutting-edge geriatrics expertise across healthcare thanks to two awards that support emerging investigators focused on the care of older adults. To apply for either of these awards, please visit the AGS Awards Page.

Jeffrey H. Silverstein Memorial Award for Emerging Investigators in the Surgical and Related Medical Specialties 

The Jeffrey H. Silverstein Memorial Award for Emerging Investigators in the Surgical and Related Medical Specialties honors the late Jeffrey Silverstein, MD, for his dedication to improving the care of older adults as exemplified by his longstanding work with the GSI and within geriatrics anesthesiology.  The Silverstein Award recognizes emerging investigators in the surgical and related medical specialties, providing $2,000 to offset travel expenses for presenting important scholarship at the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Since our financial needs are met for supporting the Silverstein Award, please consider adding your support to the field by contributing to the AGS Health in Aging Foundation Rising Stars, Public Education, or Hurria Award funds, which support important work powered by our Silverstein Awardees and other leaders in the field.  Learn more here.

Current and Prior Awardees

  • 2022 - Lauren Southerland, MD, Emergency Medicine 
  • 2021 - Lindsay A. Hampson, MD, MAS, Urology
  • 2020 - Kavita Dharmarajan, MD, MSc, Oncology
  • 2020 - Nazema Siddiqui, MD, MHSc, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • 2019 - Courtney Balentine, MD, Surgery-Endo
  • 2019 - Candace Parker-Autry, MD, Uro-Gynocology
  • 2018 -Tony Rosen, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • 2017 - Anne Suskind, MD, Urology

Arti Hurria Memorial Award for Emerging Investigators in Internal Medicine who are Focused on the Care of Older Adults

Arti Hurria, MD, was a trailblazing geriatric oncologist and the principal investigator for the GSI’s Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Specialists' Transition to Aging Research (GEMSSTAR) research conference (or “U13”) grant from the National Institutes of Health. Sadly, Dr. Hurria was killed in a car accident in 2018, but her legacy lives on for all those who continue to push her work forward—including our Hurria Memorial Awardee. The Journal of Geriatric Oncology released a special issue honoring Dr. Hurria, including an editorial from AGS CEO Nancy Lundebjerg, MPA, outlining Arti’s example for what makes a good leader. The special issue and all articles are available here.

The Hurria Memorial Award recognizes emerging investigators in general and specialty internal medicine.  Each award provides $2,000 to offset travel expenses for presenting important scholarship at the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Current and Prior Awardees

  • 2022 - Anil Makam, MD, MAS, Hospitalist 
  • 2021 - Megan Husingh-Scheetz, MD, Internal Medicine
  • 2020 - Rasheeda Hall, MD, Nephrology
  • 2020 - Kah Poh (Melissa) Loh, MBBCh, BAO, Hematology and Oncology
  • 2019 - Lauren Ferrante, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care

To donate to these or other awards, please click here.

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