GSI: About Us

Our Mission: 

Improving the well-being of America’s older adults by increasing specialty physicians’ competence in geriatrics (the unique health care we all need as we age).

Our Goals: 

Since launching in 1994, we have worked across healthcare to:

  1. Identify and support specialty faculty in promoting geriatrics training and research within their own professional disciplines.
  2. Assist professional certifying bodies and professional societies in improving care for older adults beyond geriatrics.
  3. Enhance the geriatrics knowledge and expertise of practicing surgeons and medical specialists through continuing medical education, maintenance of certification programs, and the development of quality measures that help to improve care for older adults.
  4. Improve the amount and quality of geriatrics education received by specialist trainees.
  5. Create an independent, sustainable collaboration which empowers participating societies and their respective training and certification programs to carry out the GSI’s mission and goals.

Council Members:

The GSI is governed by the specialty council comprised of specialty society representatives and selected geriatricians. Each society appoints representatives to serve on the Council and as liaisons to their society. Societies are responsible for appointing representatives.

GSI Council