GSI Collaborating Organizations

The GSI is collaborating with our specialty society partners on the initiatives described below.

Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative

The Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC) grant is currently in Phase II and funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Gary and Mary West Foundation. GEDC is a nation-wide collaborative dedicated to improving the quality of care for older people in Emergency Departments with the goal of reducing harm and improving healthcare outcomes. As part of the grant, AGS is developing a national education curriculum for best practices in Geriatric Emergency Department care. Drs. Kevin Biese (UNC) and Ula Hwang (ISMMS), serve as the PIs of the grant, working alongside Nancy Lundebjerg as the AGS PI. The Editorial Board (see below for list of members) are working with a team of section editors and authors to develop the first two curriculum modules, Delirium and Falls & Safe Mobility. The Editorial Board has identified dementia and medication management for the next two modules. Development is underway and will be completed by November 2020. 

Editorial Board:

Tess Hogan, MD
Phillip Magidson, MD, MPH  
Michael Malone, MD
Pamela Martin, FNP  
Michelle Moccia, NP
Anthony Rosen, MD, MPH

To learn more about the GEDC, please visit their website here.

Geriatric Surgery Verification Program

The Geriatric Surgery Verification (GSV) Quality Improvement Program, supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation, aims to systematically improve surgical care and outcomes for older adults by promoting patient and family-centered care, encouraging interdisciplinary input and collaboration, and facilitating implementation of evidence-based practices. The GSV Program presents 32 new surgical standards (2 of which are optional) designed to systematically improve surgical care and outcomes for the aging adult population. The standards provide a framework for hospitals to take an interdisciplinary approach to continuously optimize surgical care for older adults.

The standards were collaboratively developed by the ACS Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surgery Project, composed of more than 50 stakeholder organizations representing the needs of older patients and families, advocacy and regulatory groups, health care professionals, and multiple medical and surgical specialties.

To learn more about the GSV Quality Improvement Program, please visit their website here.

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