Volunteer to Serve on an AGS Sub-Committee

Volunteer to Serve on an AGS Sub-Committee

AGS volunteer leaders are vital to the American Geriatrics Society’s efforts to ensure that older adults have access to high-quality, person-centered care. Your contributions of time and expertise to subcommittee membership are one of our most important and valued resources.

Sub-Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities


Current AGS Subcommittees, Members, & Descriptions

Clinical Practice & Models of Care

  • Annual Meeting
    Identify clinical education and practice symposia for annual meeting. Identify opportunities to co-sponsor symposia with other AGS committees. This subcommittee is also responsible for Clinical Vignette abstract review.
  • AGS Guidelines Development
    Develop protocol for interaction of CPMC with AGS guideline developer and work with AGS staff to apply protocol to upcoming pain guidelines. Develop focus of the Persistent Pain Guideline update. Develop a funding proposal for implementation and dissemination.
  • Bridging Principles of Geriatrics and Models of Care
    Links those working on competencies (AGS education/ Rosanne Leipzig/GSA). Identify Principles of Geriatrics, existing Models of care, and propose bridges.
  • Dissemination and Implementation of Best Practices
    Reviews approaches to increasing implementation of practice guidelines and identify barriers to implementation of practice guidelines. Identify strategies to increase implementation of AGS practice guidelines.
  • External Guidelines and Practice Recommendations
    Serves as a liaison for review, translation and dissemination and respond to requests for review for aging issues. Monitor for relevant guidelines for AGS members and identify if any should be called to attention of AGS members.


AGS/ADGAP Education

  • Annual Meeting
    Develops educational symposia in collaboration with other committees for AGS Annual Meeting, including any special symposia/events for the public.
  • Fellowship Competencies Workgroup   
  • GRS Evaluation and Treatment Templates             
  • Educational Product Consult Service      
  • Trainee Workgroups
    Works on projects including the Fellows in Training Program, Student Leadership Council, Resident Activities and Trainee Newsletter.


Research Subcommittees

  • NIA Subcommittee
    To promote the development, conduct, and dissemination of high-quality research through the National Institute on Aging.
  • VA Subcommittee
    To promote the development, conduct, and dissemination of high-quality research that impacts on health care issues for elderly veterans.
  • Research Methods Subcommittee
    To serve as a resource for researchers working with aging subjects and to encourage the inclusion of older adults within study designs.
  • Research Training Subcommittee
    To develop and provide information on and as a resource for geriatric training programs and symposia.
  • Public Relations (PR) & AGS Health in Aging Foundation (HiAF) Subcommittee
    To foster communication with the wider AGS membership and the general public about research findings relevant to the care of older adults.
  • Annual Meeting Subcommittee
    To coordinate and oversee the research presented at the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting.


Sub-Committee Member Nominations Process

Applications to serve on an AGS Sub-Committee are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Once your application is received, it will be shared with the committee and sub-committee chairs for consideration.




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