Edward Henderson Student Award

Justine Enns

The Edward Henderson Student Award is presented to a student pursuing a career in geriatrics with demonstrated excellence contributing to the field. The AGS is pleased to honor Justine Enns, a medical student at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, as this year’s recipient in recognition of her significant efforts in clinical research, academic excellence, and community service. Prior to starting medical school, Ms. Enns served over 200 hours at a local palliative care unit in Arizona, working closely with staff to provide direct patient care, and further volunteered in Montreal while a student at McGill University, working in the kitchen and in delivery of food for older adults in the surrounding community. Since that time, Ms. Enns has co-authored several articles published in peer-review journals, and was, most notably, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine as first-author of the article, “Discontinuing Cancer Screening for Older Adults: a Comparison of Clinician Decision-Making for Breast, Colorectal, and Prostate Cancer Screenings.” Her research findings were presented at the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting in 2021. A dedicated researcher and MSTAR scholar, Ms. Enns has already made valuable contributions to the field of geriatrics and in cancer screening in older patients and is celebrated for her accomplishments.


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