Edward Henderson Student Award

Thom Ringer, JD

The Edward Henderson Student Award is presented to a student pursuing a career in geriatrics with unique distinction. Thom Ringer, our 2017 awardee, is currently completing his medical degree at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Canada, and has been working within the Geriatric Education and Research in Ageing Sciences (GERAS) Centre at St. Peter’s Hospital/Hamilton Health Sciences in Ontario since 2014. A Rhodes Scholar with a juris doctorate from Yale Law School, Mr. Ringer has been recognized as one of McMaster University’s “most accomplished and productive medical students,” with a true passion for geriatrics and older adult well-being. Mr. Ringer’s scholarly work has focused on caregivers and frailty. He recently published a cross-sectional study of caregivers for frail older adults, as well as a related systematic review of evidence regarding the relationship between frailty and caregiver burden. He will be joining the family medicine residency program at the University of Toronto in July 2017. In Mr. Ringer’s own words: “In clinical training, I was struck not just by the vulnerability of older adults, but of their families…I believe there is no sustainable future for ageing societies that do not care for caregivers.”

Past Recipients of the Edward Henderson Student Award

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