Edward Henderson Student Award

The Edward Henderson Student Award is presented to an undergraduate student in a health professions program who is interested in pursuing a career in geriatrics and with demonstrated excellence in contributing to the field. 

2024 Recipient: Lily Zhong 

Lily Zhong, a third-year medical student at the UConn School of Medicine, is this year’s recipient of the Edward Henderson Student Research Award in recognition of her leadership and proven commitment to geriatrics through her extensive scholarship in aging research. As an MSTAR Scholar at Harvard Medical School, Lily conducted a systematic review on the efficacy of cardiovascular interventions in frail patients, resulting in an AGS poster presentation and publication of a paper in JAMA Cardiology.  She also co-authored a paper in the Journal of Frailty and Aging. In addition, she has made significant contributions to developing eFrailty (an educational website featuring 15 validated frailty calculators), presented two first-author case studies at the 2023 AGS Presidential Poster session, and is currently pioneering geocoded heat maps of frailty prevalence and social deprivation index in Medicare beneficiaries, altogether showcasing her commitment to advancing geriatrics research. Lily has also served as the President of UConn’s AGS Student Chapter for the past two years, where she has planned and managed various events from nursing home visits to expert geriatrician panel presentations for trainees. With her unwavering dedication to improving care of older adults, Lily will continue to positively impact the lives of older adults.


Past Recipients of the Edward Henderson Student Award

2023      Victoria Kozar 
2022      Justine Enns
2020      Natalie Richmond
2019      Elizabeth Bloemen, MPH
2018      Sonia Marcello
2017      Thom Ringer, JD
2016      Marielle Bolano, BS
2015      Meng Ni, PhD
2014      Ravi B Parikh
2013      Jason Liebowitz
2012      Vivien Sun
2011      Mark Fitzgerald, BS
2010      Carolyn P. Horney, MS-IV
2009      Elizabeth Kwo, BA
2008      Shayna Rich
2007      Andrew D. McWilliams, MPH, MS-III
2006      Juliesa Pavon, MS-3
2005      Christopher Allen Jones, MS
2004      Thomasina Lynn Bailey
2003      Kathleen Tschantz Unroe
2002      Katherine S. Garman
2001      Joy E. Cuezze
2000      Amit A. Shah


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