Edward Henderson Student Award

Sonia Marcello

The Edward Henderson Student Award is presented to an exceptional student pursuing a career in geriatrics. Sonia Marcello, a second-year medical student at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine, was honored this year for her extensive work across geriatrics education, research, and local community service. In her first year as a medical student, Ms. Marcello directed community outreach efforts for her school’s AGS Student Chapter, coordinating fundraisers for the Hospice of Southern Maine and organizing a coat drive for older adults. As part of UNE’s Learning by Living program, Ms. Marcello completed a two-week immersive experience living the life of an older resident complete with a diagnosis and standard procedures of care with older adults in a nursing home. She also completed a 48-hour hospice home immersion focused on providing patient and post-mortem care as well as family support. A Certified Nursing Assistant at age 19, Ms. Marcello came to medical school with a wealth of experience caring for older adults but she considers the immersion projects life-changing in a way that will impact her interactions with older adults and caregivers moving forward: “My career goal has always been to work with older adults and their care partners, but only now do I understand that neither age nor stage of life or health dictate who people are.”

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