Presidential Poster Award Recipients

The Presidential Poster Session featured some of the most highly rated abstracts reviewed by the Research Committee. Congratulations to top presenters recognized in each of the following categories.

Body Composition
Marc Weinberg

Case Studies from Clinical Practice
Mariel Pullman

Clinical Trials
George Ioannidis

Emergency Medicine
Yetunde Fatade

Thiago Avelino-Silva

Joshua Waytz

Geriatric Bioscience
Pooja Rajguru

Geriatrics Education
Irina Vovnoboy

Geriatric Syndromes
Sheryl Ramdass

Health and Healthcare Disparities
Jane Jih

Health Information Technology          
Jennifer Makelarski

Health Services and Policy Research
Dae Kim

Rotem Tellem

Models of Geriatric Care
Tacara Soones

Neurological & Behavioral Sciences
Nathaniel Chin

Organ Specific & Systemic Disorders
Gregory Ouellet

Preventive Medicine
Melanie Mercer

Quality Improvement
Adam Dilich

Quality of Life
Zahava Brodt

Surgery in Older Patients
Allyson Cook