Presidential Poster Award Recipients

The Presidential Poster Session featured some of the most highly rated abstracts reviewed by the Research Committee. Congratulations to top presenters recognized in each of the following categories.

Case Series & Case Studies
Woody Chang, MD

Clinical Innovation & Quality Improvement
Austin Hilt

Clinical Trials
Il-Young Jang, PhD, MS

Jennifer Watt, MD

Ethics & Qualitative Research
Emma Geduldig

Geriatric Bioscience
Sangwoo Kim

Geriatric Education
Diane Brown, PhD, CCRN, MSN

Geriatric Medicine in Other Specialties
Rasheeda Hall, MD, MBA

Geriatric Syndromes
David R. Lee, MD, MBA

Health Services & Policy Research
Caroline Thirukumaran, PhD

Neurological/Behavioral Sciences
Jo Wilson, MD