Presidential Poster Award Recipients

The Presidential Poster Session featured some of the most highly rated abstracts reviewed by the Research Committee. Congratulations to top presenters recognized in each of the following categories.

Case Series & Case Studies
Carl-Phillipe Rousseau, MD

Clinical Innovation & Quality Improvement
Judy Ng, MD and Nimit Agarwal, MD

Clinical Trials
Alison M. Mudge, MD

Lena K. Makaroun, MD

Ethics & Qualitative Research
Jon P. Furuno, PhD

Geriatric Education
Laura K. Triantafylidis, PharmD

Geriatric Medicine in Other Specialties
Grace C. Lee

Geriatric Syndromes
Toral Parikh, MD

Health Services & Policy Research
Samir K. Sinha, MD

Cheryl Chia-Hui Chen, RN, DNSc

Neurological/Behavioral Sciences
Claire Motyl