Outstanding Junior Research Manuscript Award

Jennifer Watt, MD, PhD

The AGS Outstanding Junior Research Manuscript Award is presented to a junior investigator for an outstanding peer-reviewed article on a topic in geriatrics. Jennifer Watt, MD, PhD, has been honored this year for her work on “Comparative Efficacy of Interventions for Aggressive and Agitated Behaviors in Dementia,” published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in October 2019. Dr. Watt’s landmark study addresses the knowledge gap around the efficacy of pharmacologic versus nonpharmacologic interventions for reducing agitation and aggression in persons with dementia, showing that nonpharmacologic and multidisciplinary approaches were equally or often more effective than pharmacologic interventions. The findings of her systematic review and network meta-analysis presented evidence to support the long-held assertions of many geriatrics professionals that nonpharmacologic interventions can and should be attempted before prescribing medication. The publication received widespread attention within the medical community as well as in popular media, including reports from Newsweek, Reuters, Reader’s Digest, and various other outlets. An assistant professor at the University of Toronto and practicing geriatrician at St. Michael’s Hospital-Unity Health Toronto, Dr. Watt has seen her team’s findings already informing practice in hospitals and nursing homes across Canada.


Past Recipients of the Outstanding Junior Research Manuscript Award

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