Scientist-in-Training Research Award

Minakshi Raj, MPH

The Scientist-in-Training Research Award is presented to a pre-doctoral candidate with a promising career as a geriatrics scientist. In 2019, the AGS is pleased to present this award to Minakshi Raj, MPH, of the University of Michigan. Ms. Raj’s PhD dissertation research seeks to understand perspectives on geriatric care among older adults, informal caregivers, and providers, aiming to shape the design of policies and models of care that engage all these groups in the continuum of care and care needs. Supporting this work, one of Ms. Raj’s most recent studies, “A Qualitative Comparison of Older Adults’ and Informal Caregivers’ Perspectives on Aging,” reports findings from a thematic analysis of eight focus groups. In addition to this study, Ms. Raj has participated in various workshops, including the Rand Summer Institute, the Stanford Longevity Center’s Workshop on Science-Industry Collaborations, and the National Institute on Aging’s (NIA’s) Collaborative Network on Achieving and Sustaining Behavior Change in Older Adults. She plans to continue her research at the intersection of sociology and organizational studies to inform medical education and practice, as well as health and social policies for older adults and caregivers.

Past Recipients of the Scientist-in-Training Research Award

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