Scientist-in-Training Research Award

Anabella Pinton

The Scientist-in-Training Research Award is presented to a pre-doctoral candidate with a promising career as a geriatrics scientist. The AGS is pleased to present this award to Anabella Pinton, a public health student completing her Master’s degree in infectious disease epidemiology at Cornell University. With a background in neuroscience and biology, Ms. Pinton’s research interests are focused on the effects of neurological processes on different public health outcomes across the lifecourse. Her recent study, “Depression and Stress Symptoms Accelerate 5-Year Decline in Physical Function in US Community-Dwelling Older Adults,” examine the effects of neurological mental disorders on aging outcomes and highlights the need for mental health interventions to improve symptoms such as frailty. In the future, Ms. Pinton plans to pursue a PhD in epidemiology to gain additional research skills that will assist her studies of mental and cognitive factors associated with health across the lifespan.

Past Recipients of the Scientist-in-Training Research Award

2021 Anabella Pinton
2020   Deborah Mack, MPH
2019   Minakshi Raj, MPH
2018   Joshua Niznik, PharmD
2017   Andrea E. Daddato, MS
2016   Andrew Zullo, PharmD, ScM
2015   Camilla B. Pimentel, MPH
2014   Rebecca H. Affoo, MCLScSLP
2013   Lolita Nidadavolu, BA
2012   Jillian Wong
2011   Jason L. Sanders, BA, MD/PhD Cand.
2010   David Wert
2009   Elisa Rodriguez, BS
2008   Danielle R. Bouchard, MS