Scientist-in-Training Research Award

The Scientist-in-Training Research Award is presented to a pre-doctoral candidate from a range of disciplines—including psychology, gerontology, epidemiology, etc.—who submitted the most outstanding abstract for the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting.

2023 Recipient: Helen Omuya

This year's recipient is Helen Omuya, a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Pharmacy. Informed by her career in pharmacy, Ms. Omuya’s research work is focused on creating tools that enable older adults to effectively communicate their medication needs to providers. In her recent study, “Systematic Review of Deprescribing Outcomes in Older Adults with Polypharmacy”, Ms. Omuya conducted a systematic review on the evidence from RCT studies on deprescribing in older adults with polypharmacy across multiple healthcare settings. She is currently working with the Veteran Affairs Hospital on a Quality Improvement project to evaluate describing interventions with older veterans in hopes that the model can be adopted by other VA sites. A demonstrated emerging pharmacy health services research scientist, Ms. Omuya and her important research contributes greatly to an ongoing body of evidence to inform clinicians and policymakers on the benefits of deprescribing. 

Past Recipients of the Scientist-in-Training Research Award

2022   Chan Mi Park, MD
2021   Anabella Pinton
2020   Deborah Mack, MPH
2019   Minakshi Raj, MPH
2018   Joshua Niznik, PharmD
2017   Andrea E. Daddato, MS
2016   Andrew Zullo, PharmD, ScM
2015   Camilla B. Pimentel, MPH
2014   Rebecca H. Affoo, MCLScSLP
2013   Lolita Nidadavolu, BA
2012   Jillian Wong
2011   Jason L. Sanders, BA, MD/PhD Cand.
2010   David Wert
2009   Elisa Rodriguez, BS
2008   Danielle R. Bouchard, MS

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