Outstanding Junior Clinician Education Manuscript Award

Marcia Mecca, MD

The Outstanding Junior Clinician Education Manuscript Award is given to a junior faculty member who has been first-author on an important peer-reviewed clinical education article published in a scientific journal. This year, the AGS congratulates Marcia Mecca, MD, for the study “Assessing an Interprofessional Polypharmacy and Deprescribing Educational Intervention for Primary Care Post-graduate Trainees: A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation,” published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in April 2019. In this study, Dr. Mecca and her team tested the effectiveness of the Initiative to Minimize Pharmaceutical Risk in Older Veterans (IMPROVE) model for post-graduate primary care training in complex medication management and deprescribing. The results suggest that this model, an interprofessional group-visit deprescribing clinic designed to improve medication safety, improves knowledge and skill for internal medicine and nurse practitioner residents, influencing their practice outside of the program. An assistant professor of medicine at Yale University, Dr. Mecca has developed the educational polypharmacy and deprescribing tools used with interprofessional trainees participating in the IMPROVE clinic, and assisted providers in implementing this approach at other sites.

Past Recipients of the Outstanding Junior Clinical Education Manuscript Award

2019   Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH
2014   Erika Rozalia Manu, MD
2013   Kimberly S. Johnson, MD, MHS