Outstanding Junior Clinician Education Manuscript Award

The Outstanding Junior Clinician Education Manuscript Award is targeted to clinician-educator junior faculty (Assistant Professor/Instructor) in the development stages of their careers. The junior faculty member must have first-authored an outstanding peer-reviewed clinical education journal article focused on the care of older adults. Selection of award winners will consider the article's novelty, methodological, clarity of presentation, and potential to influence education relevant to the care of older adults.

2023 Recipient: Susan Glassburn, PhD, MSW

Susan Glassburn, PhD, MSW is this year's recipient for her work on “Preparing advanced learners for geriatric team care: A short-term curricular model that works” published in Gerontology & Geriatrics Education in 2022. Researchers predict that by 2025 there will be approximately a 45% increase in demand for full-time geriatricians in the country, and yet despite this clear growing need the number of certified geriatricians has not grown significantly since 1994. This concerning trend carries across various professions: fewer than 1% of nurses and 3% of advanced practice nurses are certified in geriatrics, and research indicates that social work students show a lack of interest in the care of older adults. Funded by a Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP), Dr. Glassburn and an interprofessional team of educators developed a short-term geriatrics experience with content focusing on medication management, dementia, depression, falls, and myths about aging. This innovative geriatric curriculum provided an entry-level geriatrics exposure for medical students and graduate students in nursing and social work, and showed a marked increase in student knowledge about the needs of older adults as well as improvements in student attitude towards older adults. An Assistant Professor at the Indiana University School of Social Work with 20+ years of experience in the home healthcare and hospice settings, Dr. Glassburn aims to prepare competent and critically reflective advanced level social worker practitioners and has a research focus on curriculum development, interprofessional engagement, and the scholarship and practice of teaching. 


Past Recipients of the Outstanding Junior Clinical Education Manuscript Award

2022   Patricia G. Ng, MD, FACP
2021   Anna Goroncy, MD
2020   Marcia Mecca, MD
2019   Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH
2014   Erika Rozalia Manu, MD
2013   Kimberly S. Johnson, MD, MHS


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