Outstanding Junior Clinician Education Manuscript Award

Anna Goroncy, MD

The Outstanding Junior Clinician Education Manuscript Award is given to a junior faculty member who has been first-author on an important peer-reviewed clinical education article published in a scientific journal. This year, the AGS congratulates Anna Goroncy, MD for the study “Home Visits Improve Attitudes and Self-Efficacy: A Longitudinal Curriculum for Residents,” published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in 2020. In this study, Dr. Goroncy and her team worked to develop a competency-based, adaptable home visit curricula and clinical framework for family medicine residents, and to examine resident attitudes, self-efficacy, and skills after implementation. Over the course of three years, 43 unique respondents were surveyed a total of 79 times. They found that most respondents (86%) expressed a desire to incorporate home visits into future practice, plus an improved sense of learner confidence and raised awareness of and reflection about common themes, such as social determinants of health, which often affect homebound older adults. Currently the Program Director of the Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, Dr. Goroncy is a skilled clinician-educator with broad interests across primary care, health equity, clinical education, and mentoring.

Past Recipients of the Outstanding Junior Clinical Education Manuscript Award

2021   Anna Goroncy, MD
2020   Marcia Mecca, MD
2019   Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH
2014   Erika Rozalia Manu, MD
2013   Kimberly S. Johnson, MD, MHS