Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award

John Newman, MD, PhD

Presented to junior investigators with a demonstrated focus on geriatrics research, the Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award recognizes a record of academic accomplishments, including journal publications, presentations, and grant publications for aging research. Our 2018 awardee—John Newman, MD, PhD—is Assistant Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Geriatrics at the University of California, San Francisco; and Staff Physician at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. A Beeson Scholar and 2015 recipient of an AGS New Investigator Award, Dr. Newman has contributed to the field of geriatrics through his innovative research linking a ketogenic diet to reduced mortality and improved cognitive function in aging mice. Dr. Newman plans to translate these findings into human research studies by identifying and testing ketomimetic agents, with an eye toward developing translational therapies for older adults with multiple medical conditions. Dr. Newman has long been recognized for his unique ability to bridge the worlds of basic science, aging policy, and clinical geriatrics, exemplified through his many lectures and presentations on the cellular mechanisms of aging and how they relate to clinical geriatrics.


Past Recipients of the Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award

2017      Dae Kim, MD, MPH, ScD
2016      Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH
              S. Ryan Greysen, MD, MHS, MA, FHM
2015      Micah Drummond, MD
2014      Sarah D. Berry, MD
2013      Amy Kelley, MD, MSHS
              Heather Whitson, MD, MSHS