Health in Aging Foundation New Investigator Award

Four Outstanding Colleagues Recognized

The Health in Aging Foundation New Investigator Awards honor individuals whose original research reflects new insights in geriatrics and a commitment to the discipline’s role in academia. This year, four outstanding colleagues were recognized for their work.

Ashwin Kotwal, MD, MS is a physician specializing in geriatrics and palliative medicine in the Division of Geriatrics at UCSF. He holds a strong research background in social health, medical decision making, and cognitive assessments among older adults. As a recent recipient of the National Institute of Aging (NIA) Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Specialists’ Transition to Aging Research (GEMSSTAR) Award and the National Palliative Care Research Center Kornfield Scholar Award, Dr. Kotwal is examining the epidemiology and health consequences of loneliness and social isolation in the last years of life among older adults. In addition, his research examines the intersection of geriatrics, palliative care, and social well-being, including the role of social relationships in cancer screening, end-of-life experiences for married couples, and the impact of mild cognitive impairment on socialization. Dr. Kotwal hopes this research will inform the design of social interventions to impact the well-being and overall quality of life of older adults with serious illnesses.  

Daniel Parker, MD is a physician-scientist with training in geriatrics, molecular biology, and data science and visualization. A medical instructor at Duke University and a senior fellow at the Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, Dr. Parker is working to develop evidence-based interventions that maintain cognitive and physical function for older adults. Dr. Parker’s research interests center on understanding how immune and metabolic aging contribute to age-related cognitive impairment, including ADRD, and the potential for geroprotective interventions targeted to immune and metabolic aging to prevent or delay age-related cognitive impairment.

Adam Simning, MD, PhD, is a physician-scientist trained in geriatric psychiatry and epidemiology with an assistant professor appointment in psychiatry and public health sciences at the University of Rochester. An NIA Patient-Oriented Research Career Development awardee, Dr. Simning’s research aims to help community-dwelling older adults with complex medical, mental, and social health needs age in place. Focusing on transitions from skilled nursing facilities to home, he explores patient-reported outcomes and quality of life to help vulnerable older adults have more opportunities to age in their communities. Dr. Simning’s impressive research portfolio boasts more than 20 national presentations, 30 manuscripts, and the support of several national and local agencies.

Andrew Zullo, PharmD, ScM, PhD, is an assistant professor of health services, policy, and practice specializing in geriatric pharmacoepidemiology, comparative effectiveness and safety research, and health services research at the Brown University School of Public Health. His research focuses on improving medication use for older adults, especially those receiving post-acute care or residing in long-term care settings. Additionally, he practices as a geriatric pharmacist and leads the non-experimental research activities for the Department of Pharmacy at Lifespan, the largest health system in Rhode Island. Dr. Zullo has published over 65 peer-reviewed manuscripts in geriatrics and other journals, and his research is supported by the National Institute on Aging.

Past Recipients of the Health in Aging Foundation New Investigator Award:

2019 Awardees
Marlon J.R. Aliberti, MD, PhD
Claire K. Ankuda, MD, MPH, MSc
Rasheeda Hall, MD, MBA, MHS
Carolyn Presley, MD, MHS

2018 Awardees
Lina Ma, MD, PhD
Anil Makam, MD, MAS
Brienne Miner, MD, MHS
Victoria Tang, MD, MAS

2017 Awardees
Andrew Cohen, MD, DPhil
Lorena Gonzalez, MD
Benjamin Han, MD, MPH
Supakanya Wongrakpanich, MD

2016 Awardees
Lauren Ferrante, MD
Lee A. Jennings, MD, MSHS
David S.H. Lee, PharmD, PhD
Neelesh Nadkarni, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Nancy Schoenborn, MD
Anne Suskind, MD, MS

2015 Awardees
Jennifer Lai, MD, MBA
Michael LaMantia, MD, MPH
Una Makris, MD
John Newman, MD, PhD
Ryota Sakurai, PT, PhD

2014 Awardees
Ryan Greysen
Zachary Marcum
Bianca Buurman, RN, PhD
John A. Batsis, MD, FACP
John Dodson
Terrence E. Murphy, PhD

2013 Awardees
Peter Abadir, MD
C. Barrett Bowling, MD
Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH
Gelareh Gabayan, MD, MSHS

2012 Awardees
Christina Bell, MD, MSc
Noll Campbell, PharmD, FASCP, BCPP
Sandy Chang, MD
Dr. Oddom Demontiero MD, FRACP
Mieke Deschodt, RN, MSc, PhD student
Constance H. Fung, MD
Sei J. Lee, MD, MAS
Matthew T. Rondina, M.D.

2011 Awardees
Theresa A. Allison, MD, PhD
Laurie Archbald-Pannone, MD,  PhD
Marian Betz, MD,  PH
William Hung, MD, MPH
Toru Okura, MD, MSc
Kalpana P. Padala, MD, MS
Krupa Shah, MD, MPH

2010 Awardees   
Sarah D. Berry, MD, MPH
Sascha Dublin, MD, PhD
Jane L. Givens, MD, MSCE
Alison J. Huang, MD
Supriya G. Mohile, MD, MS
Esther S. Oh, MD
Ramona L. Rhodes, MD, MPH
Alexander K. Smith, MD, MPH
E. Camille Vaughan, MD, MS

2009 Awardees
Alayne D Markland
Amy S. Kelley
Angelo E. Volandes
Brie A Williams
Liat Ayalon, 
Rebecca L Sudore, SFVAMC
S. Nicole Hastings
Sara Elyse Espinoza
Sarwat Chaudhry

2008 Awardees
Alicia I Arbaje, MD, MPH
Carlos A. V. Fragoso, MD
Jalpa A. Doshi, PhD
Kevin M. Terrell, DO, MS
Manuel Montero Odasso, MD
Rachel L. Murkofsky, MD, MPH
Stasa Tadic, MD
Vineet M. Arora, MD

2007 Awardees
Cynthia J. Brown, MD, MSPH
Cynthia M. Boyd, MD, MPH
Heather E. Whitson, MD
Mara A. Schonberg, MD
Marsha N. Wittink, MD, MBE
Prasad R. Padala, MD
Roee Holtzer, PhD

2006 Awardees
Aanand D. Naik, MD 
David M. Dosa, MD 
Elbert S. Huang, MD
John A. Taylor, III, MD
Kaycee M. Sink, MD, MS
Lillian Min, MD
Lynn McNicoll, MD 
Sean X. Leng, MD, PhD

2005 Awardees
Benjamin Mast, PhD
Cynthia Carlsson, MD
James Rudolph, MD, BS
Jennifer Brach, PT, PhD
Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH
Patricia Coleman, PhD, RN, APRN
Ram Miller, MDCM, Msc
Renuka Visvanathan, MBBS, PhD

2004 Awardees
Cara Tannenbaum, MDCM, FRCPC
Caterina Rosano, MD, MPH
David Sengstock, MD
Gohar Azhar, MD 
Hsu-Ko Kuo, MD, MPH
Michael Weiner, MD, MPH
Nathan E. Goldstein, MD
Tomohiko Urano, MD, PhD