New Investigator Award

Four Outstanding Colleagues Recognized

The New Investigator Awards honor individuals whose original research reflects new insights in geriatrics and a commitment to the discipline’s role in academia. This year, four outstanding colleagues were recognized for their work.

Andrew Cohen, MD, DPhil, is an Assistant Professor in Geriatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. A GEMSSTAR scholar and a Yale Pepper Scholars awardee, Dr. Cohen’s work focuses on vulnerable older adults and addresses the determinants of their care that are independent of their health status or care preferences. This includes examining non-clinical factors that may influence treatment decisions.

Lorena Gonzalez, MD, is a vascular surgeon and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University and the Syracuse VA Medical Center. Dr. Gonzalez hopes to improve surgery patient selection, surgical outcomes, function, and quality of life through preoperative interventions for frail older adults with peripheral vascular disease.

Benjamin Han, MD, MPH, an Assistant Professor at New York University School of Medicine, is a geriatrician with an interest in substance use among older adults. His research focuses on integrating the evidence-based principles of geriatric care into the field of substance use disorder treatment, and understanding the impact of substance use on morbidity and mortality for older adults with chronic disease. He is a geriatrician at Bellevue Hospital, an affiliated researcher at the Center for Drug Use and HIV Research at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, and collaborates with the Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention Care and Treatment at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Supakanya Wongrakpanich, MD, graduated first-in-class from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. She is a current internal medicine resident at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. She was elected to pursue a geriatric fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston next year. Her research interests involve impact of dementia on older adults with solid organ tumors, which was previously presented at #AGS16, and Rhabdomyolysis in the elderly, which she will present at #AGS17.

Past Recipients of the AGS New Investigator Award:

2016 Awardees
Lauren Ferrante, MD
Lee A. Jennings, MD, MSHS
David S.H. Lee, PharmD, PhD
Neelesh Nadkarni, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Nancy Schoenborn, MD
Anne Suskind, MD, MS

2015 Awardees
Jennifer Lai, MD, MBA
Michael LaMantia, MD, MPH
Una Makris, MD
John Newman, MD, PhD
Ryota Sakurai, PT, PhD

2014 Awardees
Ryan Greysen
Zachary Marcum
Bianca Buurman, RN, PhD
John A. Batsis, MD, FACP
John Dodson
Terrence E. Murphy, PhD

2013 Awardees
Peter Abadir, MD
C. Barrett Bowling, MD
Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH
Gelareh Gabayan, MD, MSHS

2012 Awardees
Christina Bell, MD, MSc
Noll Campbell, PharmD, FASCP, BCPP
Sandy Chang, MD
Dr. Oddom Demontiero MD, FRACP
Mieke Deschodt, RN, MSc, PhD student
Constance H. Fung, MD
Sei J. Lee, MD, MAS
Matthew T. Rondina, M.D.

2011 Awardees
Theresa A. Allison, MD, PhD
Laurie Archbald-Pannone, MD,  PhD
Marian Betz, MD,  PH
William Hung, MD, MPH
Toru Okura, MD, MSc
Kalpana P. Padala, MD, MS
Krupa Shah, MD, MPH

2010 Awardees   
Sarah D. Berry, MD, MPH
Sascha Dublin, MD, PhD
Jane L. Givens, MD, MSCE
Alison J. Huang, MD
Supriya G. Mohile, MD, MS
Esther S. Oh, MD
Ramona L. Rhodes, MD, MPH
Alexander K. Smith, MD, MPH
E. Camille Vaughan, MD, MS

2009 Awardees
Alayne D Markland
Amy S. Kelley
Angelo E. Volandes
Brie A Williams
Liat Ayalon, 
Rebecca L Sudore, SFVAMC
S. Nicole Hastings
Sara Elyse Espinoza
Sarwat Chaudhry

2008 Awardees
Alicia I Arbaje, MD, MPH
Carlos A. V. Fragoso, MD
Jalpa A. Doshi, PhD
Kevin M. Terrell, DO, MS
Manuel Montero Odasso, MD
Rachel L. Murkofsky, MD, MPH
Stasa Tadic, MD
Vineet M. Arora, MD

2007 Awardees
Cynthia J. Brown, MD, MSPH
Cynthia M. Boyd, MD, MPH
Heather E. Whitson, MD
Mara A. Schonberg, MD
Marsha N. Wittink, MD, MBE
Prasad R. Padala, MD
Roee Holtzer, PhD

2006 Awardees
Aanand D. Naik, MD 
David M. Dosa, MD 
Elbert S. Huang, MD
John A. Taylor, III, MD
Kaycee M. Sink, MD, MS
Lillian Min, MD
Lynn McNicoll, MD 
Sean X. Leng, MD, PhD

2005 Awardees
Benjamin Mast, PhD
Cynthia Carlsson, MD
James Rudolph, MD, BS
Jennifer Brach, PT, PhD
Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH
Patricia Coleman, PhD, RN, APRN
Ram Miller, MDCM, Msc
Renuka Visvanathan, MBBS, PhD

2004 Awardees
Cara Tannenbaum, MDCM, FRCPC
Caterina Rosano, MD, MPH
David Sengstock, MD
Gohar Azhar, MD 
Hsu-Ko Kuo, MD, MPH
Michael Weiner, MD, MPH
Nathan E. Goldstein, MD
Tomohiko Urano, MD, PhD